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The "Black Forest" Series


The "Black Forest" Series was created to Honor my German Grandparents Edith and Richard Hecht who died of starvation and Typhus in the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp in Germany two weeks before the camp was liberated by German troops,
This was the camp in which Anne Frank also died,
The Series was sponsored by my Patron Robert A. Rowan who collected several of these paintings, They were first shown in Lonny Gans Gallery in Los Angeles in Nicholas Wilder's Space when he moved to New York,
The paintings have been published by the Getty in "L, A. Rising" by Lynn Kienholz and in Yale University Press' "Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization," Also in "House and Garden" magazine in Frank Yablans collection next to a Picasso, And "Arts" magazine review by Curator and Critic David S. Rubin,
Two are in Museum Permanent Collections: The Laguna Art Museum and the Skirball Center,

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Black Forest II Collection of the Artist
and Black Forest 111 Collection of the Laguna Art Museum
And Black Forest IV Collection of Michael and Maree Lerner, N,Y. N.Y,




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