Breast Cancer a preventable disease.

"All women considering any form of breast
cancer treatment should read this book."

Deepak Chopra
Author, The Path to Love

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  • Leila Nagel, age 28, who healed her biopsied first-stage cervical dysplasia with squamous cells in just under three months when she got the results of her second pap test: clear and normal.

  • Kari Romstad, age 40, healed her biopsied breast cancer during a year on my MOTEP program, though she started to see results after one month.  Now she can barely find the lump, so prominent in her breast a year ago.

  • Orlan Wachter, age 7l, was surgically diagnosed with breast, colon and lung cancer nine years ago.  She was told to have her breast, lung and part of her colon removed surgically.  This would enable her to live three more months!
    She said, "no thank you", bought my book, called me, and began to do the self-healing work I outline on the MOTEP program.  Nine years later I called her at WORK, and she agreed enthusiastically to get on the stage with us at the Sheraton Universal's Cancer Control Convention. 


    • The doctors can't believe Orlan is alive.  They told her lung cancer is very aggressive in women.


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