Breast Cancer a preventable disease.

"All women considering any form of breast
cancer treatment should read this book."

Deepak Chopra
Author, The Path to Love

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Survive Cancer!
A groundbreaking book on the
most feared disease...
by Susan Moss



"Survive Cancer is a groundbreaking book on the most feared disease, by the Author of "Keep Your Breasts!"
Six years in the writing and interviewing, this book not only tells the story of people around the World who healed themselves of Cancer, it tells HOW they did it!
A fascinating journey into the causes of Cancer and how to overcome and prevent it, this book is the first to really explain Cancer.


While most books on "understanding Cancer" are actually about the medical treatment, this new book concentrates on the disease itself, explaining causes, prevention, and most importantly, Natural Healing and Prevention without surgery, drugs, and radiation that debilitate the patient. The courageous people in this book took control, empowered themselves and their immune system and healed their disease. They pave the way to Cancer treatment of the future, the Author predicts, in which the immune system will be strengthened rather than destroyed.
Available now, this book can be ordered on this website.
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Knowledge is Power.
This book could save your life
or the life of a loved one.

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